About The Company

CyberCon is consumed with security, privacy, and cyber-attacks we consume, sleep and shit security (no offense) and cybersecurity fire our supreme objective to assist produce an infection, malware, hack, the DDoS and leakage free world.

Since 2013, CyberCon has been on a single-minded objective to supply readers with the top of rack news and updates of what’s occurring in the cyber security world and who is hacking whom. We aim to offer a well-balanced view of the hackers and the hacked, the leakers and the dripped (though in some cases we might be incorrect) We want to be a driver for much better security environment in the ever-altering cyber world where the infections have actually altered into worms and trojans, were leakages are not simply email ids but even your personal snaps in the restroom and DDoS attack procedure 300 GB/s. a world where somebody feels insecure to manage even his/her Nokia 1101. We intend to change that!

We are ever-expanding so if you feel you are the selected one to be part of us, you have that flair in you to hold the attention of our vibrant readers, produce subtle headings with not so subtle viewpoints (you will get brickbats for that, we do!) you can connect with us.

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